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A Remake Blog Extra by Adam-Troy Castro

While we add a few remaining touches to the next Remake Chronicles essay, a look at two contract killings gone disastrously awry on opposite ends of the world, we thought we’d throw this one atcha: a scene that we never, ever, EVER want to see again.

The hero needs to crack the computer of a vast evil entity. He consults a computer hacker, who nods, taps at his keyboard no more than fifteen times, and says, “Okay, I just hacked into their system and uploaded a virus that will (tell us whatever we need to know, remove all traces of your burglary from the system, disable all burglar alarms, etc).”

In fifteen key strokes. He not only wrote the virus. Not only got past the firewall. But performed this feat of unbelievable sorcery.

Fifteen strokes.

Nice work if you can get it.