Remake This # 2

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

A Remake Chronicles Extra by Judi B. Castro

A while back Adam posted his five movies that he considers ready for the remake roundabout.  Now, I present for your consideration five I feel are ready for a bit of an update and second shot.

Poor Baby

1)  Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Okay, sure, other films involving animals have tried, but none have the zaniness that marked this film.  Besides, this films isn’t about a girl and her aunt’s leopard, its all about finding Mister Right, even if he hasn’t met you yet, grabbing ahold and refusing to let go.   The leopard is just added fun, as was the quest for funding, the dinosaur bone hunt and the impending safe marriage.  This film was great in its original time, but give it an update and keep the snappy patter and Voila!  you have the rebirth of verbal comedy with just the right touch of the physical thrown in as needed.

It all leads to a fight.


2)  The Quiet Man (1952).

Another timeless story, easy to update, and still poignant.  There is nothing wrong with the original tale of the American boxer who accidentally kills a man in the ring, runs off to his parents birth country to start over, finds love and a home.  I mush out over this every time.  Update or not, this could stand a big screen second look.  Don’t try to top the original, just pay homage and let the story tell itself.


Wasn’t Done Right The First Time.

3)  Logan’s Run (1976).

Here’s one where I’m just another bandwagon jumper.  Everyone talks a good game about getting this SF media classic remade, but it hasn’t materialized yet!  Come on gang!  The original strayed from the source just enough to make it less than it could have been.    So use the original novel’s scenes and settings and add to that the tech innovations since the 70’s and you could actually have a decent film (but please!! I beg of you, not an explosion fest)!

The Entire Movie! No Kidding!

4)   Penny Serenade (1941).

This might be the one the fewest folks remember.  The background story involves adoption, money struggles, loss and second chances.  Told in  flashback, the story could be brought into any era and still be as emotionally compelling as it was back then. If you haven’t seen this, give it a try and you might agree with me that what is old is still new.

Back when movie trailers used to say they were based on books.

5)  The Grapes of Wrath   (1940)

The Dust Bowl wasn’t the only time of great need in our country’s history.  Maybe we need to look at this classic and see if anything happening today might still fit in with this tale of folks just trying to survive.


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