Scenes That Shouldn’t Let The Door Hit Them On The Butt On The Way Out # 2: The Horrified Vomit

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

A Remake Chronicles Extra by Adam-Troy Castro

And while we’re at it, attention, moviemakers: can we please have at least a five-year moritorium on scenes where the character who has just been through a horrifying experience, or has been forced into a moment of intense moral compromise, or whatever, drops to his or her knees and vomits? This *used* to be shocking; it *used* to be an expressive storytelling device, but now it just makes the audience mutter, “Okay. It’s the vomiting moment.”

I mean, I know we need common-sense exceptions where the character is actually sick, or undergoing chemotherapy, or drunk out of his gourd, or whatever. I will grandfather those in. There is a place for those.

But vomiting as an expression of sheer horror is so way overdone that it’s no longer shocking.

(Scenes of people actually ailing aside, the last time I thought a vomiting scene in a movie added anything at all on a character level — and yes, I’m as appalled as you are that I’ve been able to keep track of this — was Marge Gunderson’s morning sickness in FARGO.)


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