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Note to Peter Travers

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

A Remake Chronicles Extra by Adam-Troy Castro

Peter Travers: I think you’re actually a fairly good movie critic, in print. I enjoy your work. But your video podcasts, which I’ve seen from time to time, are just embarrassing.

Take this entry, your roundup of the worst movies from the first half of the year. First off, you’re not an engaging on-screen personality. Unlike certain other movie critics we can name, who have been able to muster sophisticated arguments when the camera is rolling, your eloquence on the page doesn’t extend to eloquence off the cuff, and your on-camera commentary flattens to a level of eloquence no more informative than, “It sucks.” Secondly, your use of a “studio audience” this time out, namely what I take to be a group of young ROLLING STONE interns who are just happy to be on camera and given the chance to boo on cue, is just painful; it’s not just that they haven’t seen any of the movies you decry, and in fact haven’t heard of a couple of them at all, but the absolute slammer is when you ask them to they can name their own worst movies of the year and their sudden silence reveals that they haven’t been to any, good or bad; they’re just sitting in the room with you to get some camera time. This is a really lame stuff.